Our Process

When it comes to installing an EV Charger at home, we make it easy. We provide a complete service from beginning to end. Our team is experienced and available to offer guidance and a free survey. If you’re happy to proceed, we supply the charger, fit the equipment set up and demonstrate its use.

What to expect

Special offers and Government Grants

Currently, there are grants up to 75% to a maximum of £350 to help towards the cost of some EV chargers. Make sure you qualify for the grant before going ahead with the installation.

At WME-V, we give you a discount on an electrical installation condition report (EICR) when you choose us to install your EV charger.

After-sales and maintenance

If you encounter any problems after the installation, we are here to assist. We can talk to you about issues or faults you are experiencing, and correct them if needed.

Our chargers come with manufacturer guarantees for your peace of mind. Ask us about the warranty of your chosen charger if you would like to discuss what’s included.

An annual maintenance check is advised to make sure your charger is working efficiently and safely in the years to come.

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