We have access to the latest EV Chargers on the market. There’s a choice of features to consider, with a charger available for every budget.

Have questions about EV Chargers? Here are some facts to consider:

  • What is a tethered EV charger? Tethered chargers come with the cable attached, ready to plug into your vehicle.
  • What is a socketed EV charger? Socketed chargers are more like a wall socket. You need to provide the cable that is suitable for your vehicle. You also need to remove it after use and store it away.

Do I need a Smart Charger? Frome July 2022 all chargers are smart. Smart EV Chargers connect to the internet using your wi-fi system. Charging progress can be monitored and operated remotely via an app. The app records usage and decides the most economical way to charge the vehicle considering things like off-peak electricity.

What is solar enabled? This feature is required if you have solar panels or are thinking about installing solar in the near future.

What kW do I need? There are 2 main levels of kW rating for EV chargers. The slower charging uses 3kW to 6kW. Fast home chargers are rated 7kW and are the most common ones installed.

How much will the EV Charger cost? There is a range of prices for chargers, depending on your requirements, the average cost for a standard domestic install is around £999.

Can I choose the look of my EV Charger? If your charger is being installed at the front of your property, you might want to choose what it looks like. Each model has a different style, so take a look at the colours and shapes available when you’re deciding on the EV Charger you want.

Safety matters

No matter which charger you choose, rest assured that we will install it safely.

All of the EV Chargers we supply meet current regulations and our team is fully trained and experienced to install them all.

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